Thaddeus David “Maven”

It’s about that time. Thaddeus David has been in your ears. The freckled faced kid with that smooth flow. Be it in SOTA first as Young TH before growing up and dropping the “young.” Perhaps you are one of those lucky few who have heard the illusive first tape he dropped back in the days of Laced Up. Don’t know what about that? It’s ok I’m sure you have smoked while venturing through Helluvastate. Today Members Only is excited to release Thaddeus David’s long in the works project, Maven.

Filled with a combination of beats Thad dug up via the internets and random beat happenings, coupled with a handful of original jams from the likes of Ski Team, Tele Fresco, Kuddie Fresh, DJ Semaj & Jester. The guests are few, long time SEA microphone rep Onry Ozzborn shows up twice. Thaddeus’ teammate Parker held down a hook. Otherwise this is strictly a affair for Mr. David. Here he is shedding away something, freeing himself up and giving you just a hint of what he is about.

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