Summer Dreaming with Scotty & DJ Burn One

DJ Burn One should be a familiar name around here. If not for his presidential mix series (where is the new one?!) for the assortment of projects his production pops up on. If ASAP’s “Roll One Up” was your introduction, go back and learn about this man and his country rap tune tradition.

The Fader premiered his latest instrumental jump off, When The Smoke Clears, filled with tracks he has gotten KD, Freddie Gibbs, Rittz, Jackie Chain, ASAP among others to rap on. As one of only a handful of producers today who makes truly engaging and captivating hiphop beats it’s a great listen that should be used to smoke to any time the opportunity arises.

Scotty is another one of the emcees who has heard the beauty in Burn’s beats, his “Husslin” showing up sans vocals on When The Smoke Clears. That tune can be found on Scotty’s entirely produced jump off from last summer aptly named Summer Dreams.

Burn One is the highlight of the project, bottom line. His production here is right in line with the best work he has done. Filled with the 5 Point Music group live sound that is just perfectly mixed with classic hiphop techniques and drum kits. Psychedelic guitar chords over some stuttering 808s. Deep bass knocks that never rush to hit home underneath a groovy little loop. It’s hard to sound bad when riding with tunes like these.

The beats Scotty selected across this project coincide mostly with the summer theme. Riding music all around, you wouldn’t be disappointed cruising a country back road with the windows rolled down on sweaty and sunny afternoon, blunt burning and these songs coming out the stereo.

As you listen you won’t readily comeback to Scotty. Generally overshadowed by the sophistication to be heard in Burn One’s beats, he lacks a charisma that entices you to really pay him close attention. He tells stories well, “T.O.L.” an excellent standout, perhaps working so well due to the sparse beat present, really providing only a rhythm for Scotty to follow and showing off his voice in it’s gruff and gritty fullness.

Summer Dreams is something nice for a smoke session, and shouldn’t be the end of Scotty’s career. While not selling himself fully, he has qualities of a strong rapper and the ear for excellent beats. Finding his voice and presence for those beats will be the challenge.

This just released video for the song “Imma Beast” found on Summer Dreams is what brought me back to the record. Check it out and give the tape a listen while you roast your next bowl. Head nodding beats and some feel good vibes to help the winter hibernation blues, if nothing else.

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