Starlito “For My Foes: The Musical”

If you are still sleeping on Starlito I suggest pressing play, rolling up and paying attention to the above visuals for the next half hour or so.

After a few delays due to technical problems the former Cash Money Millionaire got his latest release onto the internets. Recording an EP titled For My Foes wasn’t enough, he had to go and shoot a video for every song, intersperse clips of him living life with some clips from select films and tie it all together as his own musical of sorts. Having spent the entire night flying through Youtube videos I has a certain appeal, being able to play something that is longer than just a song. With the mp3′s available you can choose your medium and the level of entertainment you are looking for.

Musical you already know what Star does, his flow is possibly the best in the biz. His content walks a fine line between ignorant street ideals and a heartfelt look at the reality of those situations. Of course there is the requisite “I’m stunting” type shit mixed in for fun along with some brag rap just to let you know he knows he is the best. Overall a great kick off to the new year from the guy who really had me questioning my fandom throughout eleven.

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