Sonic Gardens: Creepin on Ah Come Up

The Sonic Gardens come and go, kinda like I have been of late. I figured with my slow crawl back into this blogging biz I might as well cap it off with a throwback to my favorite, ever so slightly recurring column where I break down what my mind on music is feeling.

I hope everyone had a happy 4/20. With it falling on a Friday I’m in the midst of my work week and have only just scratched the surface of what all came out in honor of the day. The big surprise for me was coming across the instrumentals of Spitta and Alc’s project from 4/20 last year, Covert Coup.

Hosted on a bandcamp site and being sold for a mere four dollars and twenty cents – I hope it’s going to them and not some lame who came up on the files on a studio computer. I fear it’s the later situation so I’m streaming them all day and you should too.

I didn’t fuck with Covert Coup too hard, I was on a hate Currensy run in 2011 after his obscenely strong 2010 I just wasn’t feeling any move he made. Teaming with Alc seemed like a great idea but realistically the best thing to come out of this album was “Scottie Pippen” and us getting a brief glimpse at what The Devil’s Palace might sound like.

I’m not sure if it’s just Alchemists harder edged sound that doesn’t mesh with Spitta’s laid back and lazy flow. Obviously they both smoke enough tree to keep a small country lifted, and it was this mutual appreciation that must have sparked the thought and the potential hype.

The vocal version aside, the beats are funky as fuck and without Currensy here I’m actually ready to listen to this on repeat all day. Alchemist is a an untouchable producer. He finds ways to make things you never thought should or would be hard, gritty and grimey into the most gnarly concoction imaginable. He doesn’t rely on gimmicks or reused sounds, he doesn’t need to add a layer of static to his beat or chop something up like a Pete Rock or Primo. He just carries himself with the ear of a professional and keeps your ears begging for more.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m feeling clear headed and focused again, or maybe it’s my efforts to get my life in order, but these beats, Alchemist music is feeling like the perfect healing my soul needs.

I started this year feeling like no music was exciting. I got a jolt out of Habits & Contradictions and can’t wait to see him in a month. I’m patiently waiting for Killer Mike and El-P to change the world with R.A.P. Musik. Austin and SXSW woke me up for a second and showed me a world where sounds can give you all the high you need. But then I came back to the Sea and heard nothing, stuck my head in a hole and ignored all.

It took us dropping a song inspired by one of my favorite albums, listening to that album and then waking up with just the right attitude telling me “Hey you’ve been listening to some cool stuff, speak on it.” When I did it felt great. Alchemist’s beats are putting a smile on my face right now. I can’t believe after all this time I’m still finding new Libretto music. I’m curious if Elephant & Castle would host an Elephant & Castle show? I’m listening to Fat Trel and Trouble and wondering if Julie will make a come back to speak on intelligent trap rap. I’m listening again.

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