Sonic Gardens

“We were young as fuck/thinkin bout the days/thinkin bout the days when we would be paid/and all the way”

A lot of rap is concerned with dreams. Dreams of more. Dreams of success. It speaks for those who never got a chance. It was created by those who took their destiny into their own hands.

After work, listening to some new Bay area jams courtesy of a group called Main Attraktionz I couldn’t help but be struck by the optimism held in the refrain from their song “Young As Fuck Pt. 2” – where the above quote is from if you were curious.

Over stuttering piano chords chopped well by Squdda B you feel them. Or maybe it’s my own hopes manifesting via their words? It’s hard to be inspired towards the end of your work week, or when facing a day such as this “holiday” today is labeled as – I work in a restaurant where people come to celebrate such things, lots of people.

But the music helps keep me sane and remain elevated above it all, I can guarantee I’ll be singing this hook all day long while nodding my head to a mysterious beat only I can hear. It might come from Shigeto, or maybe Take. It could be the bassline from this UGK tune “Something Good.”

The bottom line is that the music I listen to, be it on shuffle or by choice, all helps me survive. It gives me those hopes and dreams and reminds me that I’m working towards something bigger and better. So press play on a jam and enjoy your Sunday. If you can, go enjoy a brunch and mimosa in good company for me.

And if you need to smile, just let some Jake One drums put that on your face.

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  1. [...] I wrote briefly on their thrilling EP Blackberry Kush a few months ago and have continued to listen to it since. All the tracks get to me at different times. So many styles and vibes held in it. Watching them in the above video makes me even more excited to keep listening. Learning that they are twenty, constantly keeping themselves in love with this music so they can keep making it, and more jewels make this four plus minute video highly worth your time. Squdda B and Mondre M.A.N. are two to watch closely. And they stay pumping out music. [...]

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