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The end of 2011 wasn’t that exciting. If you didn’t notice, things around here got real slow, I wasn’t feeling much of anything I heard. Retreating to the depths of my crates and the comfort of reclusiveness wasn’t the best solution but perhaps a necessary break. With the year fully underway and new music flowing, a vigor for doing this has begun to develop once more.

The vanishing act performed had me neglecting Burn One and Dibiase’s Presidential Mix Series, unlike me however they aren’t wavering in their dedication, hitting us with the first volume of the new year, number eight for those counting.
PRESIDENTIAL 8 SIDE A by fivepoints
Tributes to Screw, the south, double time flows, weed and drank all pop up. They bring in chopped and screwed tracks next to regular jams and jump era’s and logical connections for a feeling, always keeping the mix smooth and stoned with just enough high energy tracks to keep the weed nap at bay.

Presidential 8 SIDE B by TheMillionDollarDJ
The Presidential Mix Series is just one of many things Burn One did in 2011 to keep his name in my and many others ears. He gave us one of the best modern instrumental projects in The Ashtray, he dropped countless mixtapes with up and coming rappers all of which featured at least a handful of his tracks, some of which featured almost exclusive Burn One country rap beats. The Five Points sounds is lively and exciting, it’s a beautiful evolution and one of many sounds I can’t wait to see expand into more people’s consciousness in the coming months.

Going forward watch for changes around this place as well. Members Only is a record label and we want to push this fact into every facet of our existence. I’ve attempted to walk a fine line with this here site, generally forgoing much in depth coverage of anything related to our team. This may have led to some great content and documentation of other realms but it is our site and it should represent us as well. Don’t worry, I’m still going to be around here posting the latest things that have caught my ear (including vinyl from my crates, shouts out to Pomz for putting it so simply that I can’t deny finding a way to introduce wax to the discussion) and hopefully a few more voices will begin to introduce themselves as well.

Tomorrow we will start our 2011 year in review coverage. I don’t want to hear anything about it being a week into the new year and we are too late. Sometimes things take time and I’m proud of what we have to present and who all we got involved to help us make it happen is a beautiful thing. Musical collaborations are always exciting for the audience, in 2012 I want to find more ways to collaborate with words.

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