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I never expected to be writing this right now. When I saw Burn One announce the launching of his blend series with DJ Dibiase I was convinced that they would fall off with it. Well it’s only week three but they are rolling strong, so strong that I will certainly be looking forward to Volume 4’s dropping next Friday, and every new edition that comes after.

Presidential 3 SIDEA by fivepoints

I burned out on the Daily Visual and vanished from internet existence for a moment. I didn’t listen too much and was trying to find a new vision for this here blog. But all I really accomplished was finishing up some TV shows and lowering my Last.FM play count.

The quietness can be nice, and I found some solace in pretty much ignoring my “editorial” responsibilities. Leaving the site with little in the way of updates makes for a nasty stagnation, music is in a constant transition these days and it’s way to easy to lose track of whole movements if you aren’t paying attention. Paying attention also means caring, and I think I stopped caring for awhile.

Do any of us really care about some kid from Harlem who landed millions off two youtube videos? Is his path going to be any different from that of Kreayshawn? Even Odd Future is losing their edge rapidly thanks to corporate deals and calculated planing. Shouts out to XXL for having Tyler interview Nas, that was brilliant and insightful. If the rag wasn’t six bucks I’d probably cop it.

I don’t want to take on the angry at the state of music, bitter music critic stand point because it’s not me. But I am burned out on Internet sensations. The hype machine is beyond critical mass and talent is just becoming more and more questionable. I remember a time when I downloaded every single 2Dope post, and would listen through it all on a weekly basis crafting a podcast. I found some good music, but I can name on one hand how many cats I found via that process who have progressed beyond just getting a post from Meka or Shake.

In an effort to curb my own frustrations I’ve steadily been cutting loosies out of my musical diet. I’ve also been streaming more music, utilizing Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Youtube among others to hear some new shit and try to foster a sense of interaction with what I’m listening to. It’s amazing how much more you pay attention to something playing in another tab versus out of a minimized iTunes.

A few weeks ago as this conversation was beginning to take place in my head I came across Presidential Volume One and it felt like just what I needed. It was two hours of musical madness presented by Burn and Dibiase, at least one of which deserves attention for anything his name is on.

Presidential 3 Side B by TheMillionDollarDJ

With Volume Three we are given the best yet. Burn pays tribute to Three 6 dropping banger after banger of Hypnotized Minds ignorance. If an introduction to the Mafia is ever needed, this is the place to turn. While Burn headed East from the A to Memphis, Dibiase went West to Houston and drops off one of the best Chopped and Screwed set’s I’ve heard. His musical selections aren’t solely from the H, maintaining the new and old vibe of the previous volumes. Volume Three sees DJ Trackstar jump in for a “Side C,” and he too holds nothing back. The most “mixtape” of the three pieces, Trackstar plays cut after cut, blog sensations next to trap stars, underground voices next to rap chart royalty. You will hear it all, and seamlessly blended for the ears.

Presidential Final by djtrackstar

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