Sax G & Nacho Picasso “No One”

Not too long ago I was in a car parked in front of Capitol Club on a Monday night. The mood had been set and everyone present was quietly nodding along to the sounds of Sax G’s latest endeavor. The sounds that vibrated our ear drums that night were not far off from what is presented here with this loosie in preparation for the full length release.

“No One” shows off a wondrously smooth Raised By Wolves instrumental. The drums are beautiful. The harmonizing vocals in the background will send shivers down your spine. Sax opens the track, speaking to both past and potential future female suitors. Sly sex raps, spit in a confident tone, by the end of the verse he’s sealed the deal with ease. Nacho slides in after Sax, with his recent praise all eyes are certain to be focused on how he follows up. With this verse he continues his rep of nerd leaning punchlines and slick talk. Who else but Nacho is going to quote Yoda, drop Pam Grier character references, and proudly proclaim he’ll “give a bitch the blues like Avatar” all to tell a story about how the ladies in his life.

Post Nacho we are treated to over a minute of this glorious beat, moving and grooving as it plays out. Speak this beat does it seems, as the tune has only been out for a mere 24 hours and MO family MC Hyphen8d heard it, dug it and had to spit to it. Dropping it into Garageband, and using the great distribution network that is Facebook Hy had joined his friends with an unofficial remix just like that. Sticking with the general theme of the opposite sex, Hyphen8d takes the opportunity to get something off his chest, saying goodbye to what sounds to be a poisonous former flame.

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