Ras G & the Alkebulan Space Program

For several years now Flying Lotus has led me in the direction of assorted beat and bass music stylists. Aside from the opus that are each of his album’s he runs the Brainfeeder collective, dropping off amazing music from all sorts of individuals.

One of those individuals is Ras G, a brilliant mind walking the earth today.

If you’ve ever dug the vibrations and philosophies of Afrika Bambaataa and Sun Ra then you will instantly understand the level Ras G is on. He may exist with us in this dimension but I doubt his existence here is the full extent of where his mind, body and soul have traveled and will travel before it’s all over.

The music he concocts, in a place dubbed the Space Base located in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, is heavy and distorted. It’s celestial. It’s the devil’s music. It’s inbred with the finest sativas and indicas mad scientists can create. The first words I ever heard Ras G speak were “first blunt of the day, time to make a beat.” He is obsessed with backwoods and might have deeper crates than Madlib.

Don’t take this as a stoner tribute.

Ras G weaves in and out of my consciousness like he does the world. He will be anywhere and no where. He will drop a plethora of jams and then vanish. You will bump his tunes non stop and then they will mysteriously leave your computer. Perhaps his encoded messages aren’t meant to be heard by our human ears and his keepers pull them at first hint of contextual grasp.

Whatever the case may be, he has bestowed upon us a double 10” named after his laboratory for sound. Space Base is The Place is best to be heard on a turntable, in total darkness, while suffocating in a haze cloud. If this doesn’t sound like your idea of fun do not enter.

Their are tributes to those past and the those living. Air horns and his trademark name drop sound effect.

Ras’ specialty is drums. He will flush out any number of drums just to lay them in the most in-congruent patterns. And what do you do with them? You nod along and become hypnotized to the beat.

I’ve never seen the man live, but his sets are rumored to uplift and defend against disease. Whatever ails you, this music is the cure. Don’t believe me? Press play on this set from earlier in the year at Poland’s TNM Festival.

While you listen read this recent interview with the man found in the LA Record. Conversations with him are rare, but always insightful. Pay particular attention to his music listening habits and his higher understanding of physical versus digital music.

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