One Time @ Bandcamp With… Long Arm

If you read my review on The Branches, the debut long player from Russian reared Long Arm you know he makes complex, jazz infused hiphop beats with enough of his own flavor to rival any instrumentalist out. Like we do about this time, press play and read up!

What was that first DJ performance that hooked you?
It was DJ Lethel from Limp Bizkit

How did Russia influence your ear for music?
I don’t look for a long time already musical channels and I do not listen to radio. Therefore Russia doesn’t influence my ear for music.

What music did your parents play around you growing up?
Anything special! It was usual Soviet pop-music! But in the childhood my mom included every day to me fairy tales written down on vinyl and I long sat one in a room and listened to them. I think subsequently it became a principal cause of my love to magic and fairy tale sounds.

Were you a jazz fan or hiphop fan first?
The love to jazz and hip-hop has come simultaneously! In at one time with love to lounge music.

What instruments do you play? Whats your studio comprised of?
I have finished music school on a piano class, I play on keyboard and not bad I own scratch technics. My studio consists from: AKAI MPC500, AKAI MPK49, STANTON SA3, ABLETON LIVE, M-AUDIO FASTTRACK Pro, M-AUDIO BX5a and NUMARK TT1610 (is dead x).

Is vinyl an important component of your sound?
Yes! At me own collection of the digitized records which I use for creation of the tracks!

Do you collect vinyl?
Yes. But while at me not so it is a lot of plates. In collection basically old jazz records and some modern albums.

What is your live show experience like?
In my live show I play the only own tracks (and remixes). I use Ableton Live and I build compositions so that it was possible to change their structure, to improvise or create remixes in real time.

Are you aspiring to work with emcees or singers on your tracks? Or are you more interested in being your own artist, sticking solo?
Various teamwork with MC and vocalists is very interesting to me. As well as solo work. I would like to hear in a new album of more voices, but in a basis always there will be solo tracks.

Are their other players on The Branches album?
No, The Branches is absolute solo album.

Who are you listening to currently?
Bonobo, Andreya Triana, Dimlite, Jaga Jazzist, Flying Lotus, The Long Lost and Amon Tobin (old tracks).

Last words? Shout outs? Rants? Words of wisdom?
I want to thank my parents, the wife, the son, my friends, the nature and the higher forces for all that now occurs to me. Many thanks to all who come on my concerts and support me on the Internet and in others media. And certainly thanks Project: Mooncircle for this chance and thanks for release my music!

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