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As we do about this time! I hit y’all with Beedie’s Sleeping In on Monday, on it you saw a young emcee spitting his heart out over an assortment of original and jacked beats. The later ones proved to kill much replay value in the tape but a listen or two will show you that Beedie isn’t to be ignored and he might just stun you. Keep your eyes on the ‘Burgh, press play and read on to learn more about this up and comer.

Introduce yourself? How did you become Beedie, the emcee?
Each life experience since January 19th 1988, my day of birth, has influenced my growth & evolution as an artist and human being… But I was born to do this.

Did you grow up in Pittsburgh?
I moved to Pittsburgh in 2001. Moved around a lot when I was younger but my extended family all lives & grew up here, so like they say home is where your heart is.

Who were some local heads you were introduced to that paved the way for the scene?
Strict Flow have paved the way in a major way. In later years, Wiz Khalifa and The GOV (Boaz, S. Money, etc) were making impact enough to inspire a whole new generation of Pittsburgh artists to step forth, including myself.

Is Ill Spoken done? Are you and Mac still cool?
I consider Mac like a brother to me. Our families go way back to when our parents were kids. I’m really proud of his success & he’s got a bright future ahead of him. It’s nothing but love

Did you go to Taylor Allderdice high school?
I went there for senior year.

Wiz has put your city on the map, but it seems the scene is vast. I was introduced to you via the site Stilltown are you aware of that site? Is their a strong sense of community among the artists there?
Yeah I know Rory from Stilltown, that’s my man. Another good perspective for you might be at There’s a ridiculous amount of hardworking & developed talent here, it’s actually far from vast.

You say on the Ruff Draft project that the first time you heard Dilla was pretty much the first time you heard hiphop, was Dilla in fact your introduction to hiphop?
That was actually a quote from DJ House Shoes when being interviewed about Dilla, and he said the first time he heard Dilla was “pretty much like” the first time he heard hiphop… I’ve been heavy into hiphop since the mid-nineties, but when I first heard Dilla later in life it changed the way I listened to music.

What prompted the choice to rock over an album’s worth of Dilla beats? Did you think it would piss people off?
Dilla has been a very influential artist to me, and Ruff Draft is my favorite album of his. A few months ago I realized it was almost 5 years since he passed, so I decided to release it on that day in honor of his legacy. There are a lot of newer & younger fans of hip-hop music, and I think it’s important to teach them about the culture & who helped to create the blueprint for today’s generation of artists.

To your knowledge has Ma Dukes, or anyone from his camp/fam heard the project?
I think House Shoes might have heard it. That’s my man. But who knows.

What are you working on right now?
I’m in a group called Varsity Squad along with another emcee Jon Quest, and we’re working on our debut album. I would like to say we’re about halfway through. Aside from tearing up shows all over Pittsburgh, touring in Atlanta, Detroit, Philly, we’ve really taken the music to a whole new level in the booth as well… We also just won a Pittsburgh hiphop Award for Best New Artist/Group which was an honor. That album is looking for a possible fall release, but I also have a solo mixtape/album already finished & ready to drop this spring called The Beat Bully and it’s going to give a taste of what we’ve been cooking up.

Who are you listening to these days?
Whew… Lots and lots of Pittsburgh music. Showbiz & AG. Random west coat shit. Big Krit. Royce. Busta. That last Lloyd Banks album was dope. Jimi Hendrix. Some classical music. I like everything.

If one found themselves in Pittsburgh what are spots they could hit to learn about your music and others doing it?
Time Bomb is a local clothing/music store that is heavily involved with the scene. The owner Brick has done a lot for Pittsburgh hiphop & continues to put on for dope artists out here. Also the local blogs, like I mentioned before is probably the most trafficked. Shadow Lounge, a local venue here, has done a lot for the hiphop scene also since I entered it. They’re constant supporters & have been a hub for all events in the area.

Y’all secretly have some fire chronic out there? I always hear the east struggles on that front.
Haha, we’re smoking just as good as ya’ll, trust me. It just ain’t as cheap

You still on the blunts?
I cut back on them cause they slow me down a little bit. I would usually rather twirl a red tape or a joint. But I still smoke swishers often.
I smoke a lot of bowls too.

Is the city/scene enjoying the limelight getting shed on it thanks to Wiz and to a lesser extent Mac? Or is it still business as usual for the majority of artists?
It’s nice because there’s been a sparked interest in Pittsburgh hiphop. Even a couple years ago we didn’t get that love, although there has been a huge musical renaissance movement growing here. I talk to my fans all the time on twitter/facebook, and I’ve definitely seen a continued growth of people who are excited to see such an interesting & unique scene of artists.

You familiar w/ any hiphop coming out of the NW?
You’ll have to put me down with some shit. I’m familiar with which is another Seattle based blog, but I’m not sure how much locals are posted on it.

What do you listen for in original production?
Emotion, of all kinds… if something can make you feel, then it’s powerful.

What was the reception like for Sleeping In? Do you view it as your debut?
I got great responses from Sleeping In, which was actually the sequel to a mixtape called Most Slept On, one that came out a few months before it. Both of them had themes & a concept, but were more or less a collection of songs. I feel like The Beat Bully is a much more balanced & solid project, and the Varsity Squad album is completely on some next level shit.

Last words? Shout outs? Rants? Words of wisdom?
Thanks to all my fans & supporters, I could never do this shit without y’all. And to everybody, keep your eyes and your ears on us because we’re going to be making as much noise as possible and continue our growth. There really is a whole lot of hard work that is put into this every moment of every day. Shout to, all my fellow artists in Pittsburgh, and everybody paying attention. And big shouts to

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