Oddisee “Odd Seasons”

I love it when music makes me speechless. I mean yeah, as a critic it’s kind of a hassle, certainly gets in the way of the whole talking about music part of the job. But in the end I do this because I’m a huge fan of music and am always hoping to find something supremely dope that I can lose myself in.

Oddisee did that to me years ago, and when you get on that list it’s almost like you get a free pass in my book. Everything gets looked at just a little differently. I never really took the time to look at anything Odd was doing too seriously again. That was my mistake.

Listening to Odd Seasons now on this beautiful spring day in the first week of June I can’t believe I’ve been ignoring the seasonal EPs this was originally issued as. I remember paying them each a listen but never really diving in heavily, lord knows what else any better I could have been listening to.

I’m listening now and if you haven’t experienced Oddisee you certainly should. Everything the man graces is ridiculously ill. Levels upon levels.

Here it’s mainly an instrumental affair and while their have been a number of beat records dropping this year that deserve attention (MatthewDavid & Young Montana? come to mind) Oddisee should be in that conversation as well. Sure his tunes aim for a different style overall, but he is tweaking just as many ideas and sonic concepts as anyone of his producing peers.

He relies on traditional instruments to create smooth grooves and dope hiphop jams for the bboys still breaking in the park. But he hints at a few other styles and ideas here that demonstrate a more far out sound that is probably something he is experimenting with in the confines of the studio until he has it just how he wants it sounding.

Oddisee is a talented individual and he demonstrates it across all 30 of the tracks found on this record. Flipping samples, crafting his own sounds, rapping and playing host to other emcees and singers. You will dance, you will smile, you will reflect, you will enjoy.

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