Kent Money “Becoming”

Did you join me for the ride that was music video land yesterday? Quick visuals with ill soundtracks just seemed like the proper way to handle the day. Hope at least one of them registered with you. Personally I wanna go back to the Beasties jam or that Avatar cut.

When I wasn’t investigating music videos I was rocking with a few things throughout the day. First up it was that DZA tape, The Hustlers Catolog. Joe paid it tribute, so go peep that. All I’ll say is that it wasn’t what I was looking for after George Kush Da Button.

After ignoring all the hype and leaks that were coming left and right off that Covert Coup jawn I copped the EP while rolling up some of the best and let the sounds of ALC and Spitta overtake my mind.

With a few replays yesterday and already a once through this morning I’m certain it holds nothing on the Pilot Talk series (it is a free project after all) but it does demonstrate a dope pairing of two individuals who love their greenery and make music fitting those who session daily. I wonder how much chronic was burned in the making of the record?

Prodigy showed up on Covert Coup, possibly the surprise of the whole thing. He also showed up across the blogosphere this week for the release of his first project since getting back from his up north trip. The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP dropped in conjunction with Complex and is a decent offering from the Mobb member who has been absent for three years now.

I’m still deciphering what exactly is on Prodigy’s mind with this release, it seems like he is somewhere lost in the middle between hood tales and criminal conspiracy theories. The production is hitting across the seven songs, featuring several entries from Sid Roams the deadly duo of Joey Chavez and Bravo. Their brand of deathly synth snaps is music made for the M-O-B-B.

What really caught me late in the night that was last comes from an LA resident via Virgina. His swagger on the mic screams of his home coast yet he has adopted some of that mellow West coastism you just can’t escape out here. I’m speaking on Surf Club member Kent Money.

Apparently his album Becoming dropped almost a year ago (#latepass) but it sounds new like it dropped yesterday – I kind of thought it had when it came on. Featuring an array of beats from his crew, who are responsible for just a few hits you’ve probably sung while listening to the radio. G Ry cooks up a plodding tune for Money to tell a “Gangsta Story” over. Featuring a classic sample that begs for just that, he doesn’t disappoint with the tale.

The Surf Club’s pop sensibilities come out here and there to varied results. On one hand it’s odd to hear a “blog” rapper doing something you’d imagine playing on your local Clear Channel station, but on the other hand props to the guy for being competent enough to experiment with different flows and ideas, even if they may be blatant ploys for attention from the masses – why else does one make music than for some sort of attention?

Kent Money caught my ear with an honest rap style that is straight forward along with big beats that are somewhere in between my favorite styles of bass heavy electro influence and more typical hiphop traditionalism. The shit knocks and Money owns them all with a voice and presence fully developed and ready for more. It’s rare you hear this much maturity on the first project to come from an Internet up and comer. Keep the ears piqued.

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