Hi-Life Soundsystem “Langston Hugh Hefner: Love, Weed & Other Vices”

The new year might have caused you a delay in catching up with the latest music, that’s right rappers are still flooding the internets with songs, EPs and albums like it will get them ghetto platinum. We here at Members Only are too, here presenting something new from the trio that stays high as kites: B-Flat, Khingz and Crispy united as Hi-Life Soundsystem.

We dropped off their self titled debut just under a year ago and now it’s time to introduce the world to the man responsible for the way of the Hi-Life, Langston Hugh Hefner. It’s rumored he is equal parts Dos Equis most interesting man and Pharrell Williams. Of course his name sakes play a factor as well.

The previous Hi-Life excursion could be described as the most rocking block party you’ve never been to. The Langston Hugh Hefner experience will call for a more low key type of setting. Call up a few lady friends, dig out a nice bottle of wine and roll up that top of the line tree, ultra thin zags or raw papers only please. Press play, or download for free. Indulge yourself.

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