G-Side “How Far”

What a better video to see arrive in my inbox as I wait for a plane to take me home? Off the only album Kendrick needs to compete with this year for title of best, the HSV representers ST 2 Lettaz and Clova hit us with video number 3 off The One… Cohesive. This time they let their travels do the talking for a song all about where they’ve been and what they’ve done but carries with it their personal knowledge that they still have many goals to achieve.

The flicks captured from their most recent trip overseas, mixed with trippy artistic abstractions overlaid on top of the stills as well as some animation and well curated transitions make for a fun video, and one that aims to be original and succeeds.

Props to Pitchfork for continuing to support these guys, premiering this to their loyal heard. Can’t wait for Island, coming on 11.11.11.

And shouts out to SeaTac for some free Wi-Fi.

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