Blunt Talk With Jackie Chain

It’s going down tonight at Nectar, before you roll out to catch the southern emcee, one of a few responsible for getting Huntsville on the map, read on and learn a few things about the man.

Introduce yourself to Seattle.
What’s up Seattle its your boy Jackie Chain Mr. Vip Alabama representa!

How old are you?
I’m seasoned baby.

You grew up in a military family, what led you to the streets and then rap instead of a life of service?
I was always a wild child and a hustler so the fast life just came natural to me, I never really pictured myself with a 9 to 5. The rapping was just another hustle to me at first, but I’ve always loved music, all kinds of music.

As a kid living in Korea what music was playing around you?
I was only two when I lived in Korea so I don’t think I was listening to music then.

Did you spend most of your time on the base? Or was their opportunities for you to experience the country itself?
I got to see a lot of Europe, we took a lot of vacations so I been to a lot of dope spots. My dad was stationed in Germany for 4 1/2 years.

Is your father still active in the military?
My dad retired early to take care of my grandfather.

Was it going to prison that made you change your mentality and get out of the streets?
No, when I got out of prison I was in the streets even more. I made a lot of connects while I was locked up. I’m still in these streets homie, rap ain’t payin for real yet. I like to ball.

Can you talk about the strip club culture in the south? It seems to be where records break in the region, where as here in the Northwest and I think most of the West coast, artists don’t even think about approaching strip clubs with their music.
Yea in the south your records break first in the strip club, then go to club DJs and the streets, then radio. A lot of people wanna go straight to the radio but you gotta get the strip clubs. If girls listen to your song guys will too cause they gonna play what the girls like ya dig.

What do you think it was about “Rollin” that worked so well in the clubs?
Rollin was just a feel good party record, good beat, good hook, easy to groove with. I was really suprised how far it reached.

How did the Universal/Motown deal come about?
A lot of people don’t know but I’ve been signed to Universal/motown for 3 years. They saw how I grind and loved rollin so they signed me and I’ve been working on building my fanbase touring and dropping these mixtapes.

Tell us about Ain’t Slept in Weeks? Is it done? Producers? I read that you were able to branch out sound wise from just the southern feel…
Ain’t Slept in Weeks is almost done, we are fixing to shoot the video for a song called ‘Yea Dats Me’ featuring Yelawolf and Big K.R.I.T. produced by K.R.I.T. as well. I got some dope features like Kid Cudi, Bun B and some others that I’m keeping under wraps for now. I got tracks from everyone from Diplo, to Block Beattaz. Its gonna be a dope album!

You worked with The Block Beattaz on the latest mixtape, will their be a G-Side feature on the album? Any other Huntsville family?
I got Block Beattaz on the album, I got some dope songs with G-Side that are defiantly album worthy so we will see. Shout out to all my homies and haters in HSV!

Does it have a date?
No exact release date but we are looking at the end of the year.

How was your time at SXSW this year? How many shows did you rock?
SXSW was super dope this year, I did like 12 or 13 shows. It was bananas.

Have you ever visited Seattle before? Are you aware of any music from the city? New or old.
I’ve never been to Seattle! I’m exited to come. I know the grunge music scene was poppin there for awhile and didn’t Sir Mix-A-Lot come from Seattle? Everyone fucks with him. As far as any new hiphop out of Seattle, I’m ready to hear some!

What’s your favorite strain and preferred method of smoking? Ready to burn some NW greenery?
I love blunts, I smoke out of it all from bongs to vaporizors but I love blunts all day. I really been in my Kush phase, OG Kush or Master Kush, and yes I’m ready to sample some of your cities find cannabis.

4/20 just passed, did you do anything over the top for the day? Or is it just another day when you stay in clouds regularly?
Everyday is 420 for me, I was on tour with BIG KRIT, Freddie Gibbs, Smoke DZA, and Mookie Jones so you know I was in the clouds.

What’s the next thing fans should be watching for from you? And what’s the best place on the internet for them to stay hip with your moves?
I got a new mixtape with DJ Catchdubs droppin called After Hours, first single off that is ‘Molly’ – video coming soon. My twitter @jackiechain74 is the best way for fans to stay connected with me, I got a website under constuction now.

Last words? Shout outs? Rants? Words of Wisdom?
Shout out to all my fans and make sure you come see me at the Nectar Lounge! Let’s put something in the air!

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